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The Brainstorm Community is dedicated to increasing access to neuroscience-informed research and practice in the helping professions. We are committed to keeping this community and its resources, including NBCC-approved CE Credit, free, but many have expressed a desire to give back. So, we created a mechanism to accept donations. All donations will be used to further the mission of the Brainstorm Community and support research among its members. Thank you for your support, and let's keep brainstorming!

2022 Upcoming Events

Meetings start at 12 PM CST

January 28 2022 Somatic Integration and Processing w/ Bridger Falkenstien (Watch) (Speaker's PowerPoint)

February 25 2022 Towards an Anti-Racist Neuroscience w/ Dr. Oliver Rollins (Watch)

March 25 2022 Hormones & Emotional Processing w/Dr. Nafissa Ismail (Watch)

April 22 2022 A Neuroscience Framework for Building Emotional Resilience w/ Dr. Golnaz Tabibnia (Watch)

May 27 2022 Neurofeedback Therapy and Attention Deficit Disorders w/ Carmen L. Kimball LPC (Watch) (Speaker's PowerPoint)

June 24 2022 Neuroeducation w/ Lauren Brdecka (Watch)

July 22 2022 *3pm CST special meeting time* Science of Psychotherapy w/Richard Hill and Matt Dahlitz (Watch) (Speaker's Powerpoint)

September 2 2022 The "ABCs of Sleep Health w/ Dr. Hannah Peach (Watch) (Prioritizing Sleep Health) (Sleep Health) (Sleep Hygiene) (Speaker's Powerpoint)

September 23 2022 Courageous Conversations about Intergenerational Trauma, Resilience, Healing and the Neuroscience Behind It All (An Integrative Relational-Neurobiological Approach - Fishbane 2019)

October 28 2022 Stop, Breathe, Connect, and Recharge. Neuroeducation for Parents and Caregivers w/ Chiara Pepino (Watch)(Childhood Maltreatment and Neurodevelopment) (Self Compassion and Shame) (Speaker's Powerpoint)

December 2 2022 Neuroscience of High-Risk Behavior w/ Dr. Crystal Collier (Register)

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